Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pencil Power - Mermaid

"Pencil Power"      (all illustrations are original and retain copyright)

The pencil is a powerful tool. So simple in nature and easy to use, so readily available. It allows ideas to happen almost instantly. It is a natural extension of the hand or mind for that matter.

I carry a pencil everywhere I go. I scribble on whatever is in reach when the thought comes. I've been told not to save, hoard, and store all of this genius. So in the freedom of free play I invite you to the yard for a lil show n' tell. -Kip Williams

"Mermaid"  Swim School

This concept art was for a North Central Florida swim school owned and operated by a live mermaid. 

The illustration was designed to reflect the owner's past history as a mermaid and involvement in Weeki Wachee a theme park in Spring Hill, Florida. Home of the world famous live mermaid show.

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