Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pencil Power- Tooth Straight

"Pencil Power"      (all illustrations are original and retain copyright)

The pencil is a powerful tool. So simple in nature and easy to use, so readily available. It allows ideas to happen almost instantly. It is a natural extension of the hand or mind for that matter. 

I carry a pencil everywhere I go. I scribble on whatever is in reach when the thought comes. I've been told not to save, hoard, and store all of this genius. So in the freedom of free play I invite you to the yard for a lil show n' tell. -Kip Williams

"Tooth Straight" A perfect smile in every visit. 

Like the snake oil of the old days I envisioned this bottled solution being handed out for a small fee off the back of a wagon that rolled in and out of town with the wind. The cork stopper so temporary since the straightener would be emptied in no time.

Dr. Jones Orthodontics, the client, is a fun practice that focuses on children and the office has the Willy Wonka factory of magic type of feel to it. This art was a concept for an advertisement, that went on to be a t-shirt and poster for the office. Guess the Dr. wanted a few more bottles after the first.

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