Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top 5 - Poster Collection

Howdy doody! Here are the top five in my poster collection. Mind you some of my faves were destroyed in the flood of our Florida home. big bummer.

Aaron Draplin

This one was acquired at an AIGA event in Jax, FL. Where Aaron spoke. Great guy, even better design. This poster is a collection of his work, it even comes with a handy dandy guide to what everything is. Great color and what a cool way to see your work all in one place.

Charles S. Anderson

Commemorative poster done for the final Seinfeld episode. This was commissioned by French Paper. The black ink (thermography) is used very well on top of this collage.  It was picked up at a Mac Paper show in Orlando.

Laurie DeMartino

Mac Paper show in Orlando gave this one out, and of course I had to have it. The illustration was made with seeds and vegetables. I like the use of natural resources for a medium.

Hatch Show Print

Picked this one up on a trip to Nashville, TN for the AdFed National Conference. Went on a VIP three hour tour of Hatch with Jim Sherraden, what an exciting time. (wipes drool)

Sean Adams

Sean gave a lecture in Orlando for AIGA on Fear in Design, great talk by the way. Picked this one up there and it's a keeper! Printed by Lure (go Jeff Matz's kick butt team).

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